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Learn in your Car - Spanish Verbs 101
5 hour audio set - learn verbs on 4 CDs

Spanish Verbs 101 - easy & fun verb learning


4 audio CDs & 36 pg booklet

This new program adds 51 more verbs to the Learn Spanish Verbs Fast set - in an all new audio program. 5 hours of verb instruction on 4 CDs, - an excellent beginner to intermediate student’s verb audio guide with 36 page booklet. By author Stacey Tipton. Provides Spanish & English pronunciations for 6 conjugations. Interactive format & catchy new rhythms encourage ACTIVE rather than passive learning (no falling asleep while learning your verbs!) 4 audio CDs & 36 pg booklet.

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• Demystifies verb conjugations.

• Features an interactive audio format.

• Organizes verbs into patterns to simplify learning and recall.

• Focuses on learning just the key verbs most used in everyday conversation.

Learn in Your Car® Spanish Verbs 101 presents 101 most used verbs in all conjugations, in their present, past (preterite and imperfect), and future tenses as well as past and present participles.

Easy to understand, paced for maximum interactivity and learning. Also contains activities section to help the student reinforce what they've learned. Learning verbs has never been so easy!

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