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Learn Spanish Verbs Fast!

mp3s & interactive PDF

Looking for a great way to learn Spanish through mp3s?

(for audio CD version click here).

Are you bored with trying to memorize Spanish verbs? Can't quite get those different tenses down? We have the perfect solution for you. Believe it or not, you don't need to know 501 verbs in order to speak Spanish fluently. By learning the 50 most important verbs, you can begin speaking Spanish immediately!

New software audio verb learning program from the Musical Linguist. CD-rom set contains 2 1/2 hours of verb instruction on mp3s and an interactive PDF of grammar instruction. Now integrated with the Spanish Tutorial CD-rom - get both programs for only $15.

  • 50 most important Spanish verbs
  • animated verb patterns
  • 6 conjugations for each verb
  • easy grammar explanations
  • quizzes & worksheets
  • interactive PDF & 42 mp3s

From the same company that brought you the Musical Spanish line of products - whose motto is that learning Spanish should be both fun and easy.

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Are you bored with trying to memorize Spanish verbs? We have the perfect solution for you. Learn 50 key verbs with our 2 CD audio set & booklet regularly $19.99 Save $$$ by buying with Learn Spanish Verbs Fast Mp3s & CD-rom

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fun and quick learning w/ the Learn Spanish Fast Audio Series