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Travel Phrases & Spanish Spot of the Week

visit Tulúm and practice your Spanish!

Tulúm, Mexico

Known as one of the most dramatic ruins in the Yucatan, where an ancient Mayan building sits on top of a cliff overlooking clear aquamarine blue Caribbean waters. Tulúm is actually a group of ruins dating back to A.D. 564. For more on the history, click here For more photos, click here. If you're planning a trip to Cancún, you can get to the Tulúm ruins by bus or tour in approximately 2 hours.

Spanish Practice Idea:

Have "Noche de Español" once a week at home. You can cook something found in a Spanish speaking country (you have more choices that just tacos....) and have a rule that everybody at the table has to use whatever Spanish they know to communicate. You'll be surprised by how much Spanish you actually know if you're forced to use it! Set up a system where anybody who breaks the rules has to forego dessert or clean the dishes.

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