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Learn Spanish on Tape & Cassette Tapes

new all audio program teaching Spanish through pop music
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Musical Spanish: Lessons for the Road 2 CDs plus tape


Learn Spanish Verbs Fast! Audio Set

$19.99 save $4.00 online!
All of the free audio samples found on this website come from "Lessons for the Road." These excerpts are only the beginning! Take it with you! While you drive....while you jog.... New all audio learning program from Musical Spanish! 2 CD or 2 tape set contains 2 and 1/2 hours (145 minutes) of music and Spanish instruction, including the 10 songs from the Musical Spanish book and CD-rom. Available with cassette tape of songs. ORDER

hear about the musical teaching method!

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Are you bored with trying to memorize Spanish verbs? Can't quite get those different tenses down? We have the perfect solution for you.

  • 50 most important Spanish verbs
  • key verb patterns
  • 4 complete conjugations for each verb
  • easy, simple grammar explanations
  • 16 page transcript of verb instruction ORDER

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Learn Spanish in your Car - 4 or 6 Tape Sets from Penton Overseas
$39.99 4 tapes levels 1,2
$49.99 6 tapes levels 1,2,3
The Real Spanish Path: Learn 70% of all Spanish verb patterns!

Millions have used Learn in Your Car Spanish on tape system for their basic travel needs of arranging hotels, ordering meals, changing money, as well as having the confidence to communicate with foreign language speakers at home and abroad. Includes:

  • 6 hours of audio
  • 4 cassettes
  • 2 booklets with recorded text ORDER


hear about the musical teaching method!

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The Real Spanish Path™ is a highly innovative structural training process that will allow you to master approximately 70% of verb structure in -the Spanish language by leveraging the Power of Patterns. Includes:
  • The Real Spanish Path Language Map
  • 60 minute Audio Instruction on audio tape
  • Verb Pattern Retention Cards ORDER
hear about the musical teaching method!

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read more about this Spanish travel book, tape, and dictionary
Musical Spanish Book & CDrom
Travel Talk Tape, Phrase Book, & Dictionary
Musical Spanish Book & CD-rom plus 10 song cassette
  • 60-minute audio cassette in both English and the target language
  • Handy fold-out audio guide
  • Lonely Planet Phrase book/Dictionary
    • Audio cassette provides key words and phrases with accurate native pronunciation
    • Audio transcript for quick on-the-spot reference and reinforcement
    • Phrasebook features clear and comprehensive grammar chapters, an extensive dictionary, information on local culture plus travel tips read more here


  Musical Spanish book, music CD, and CD-rom: teaching through 10 songs like La Bamba & Guantanamera. Includes animations, puzzles and quizzes, pronunciation tools & more! With audio tape of 10 songs. To see a slideshow about Musical Spanish, click here