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Learn to Speak the Spanish Language Online

Welcome to our section to our free Spanish tutorial! Learn to speak here with our fun and colorful lessons. Each week we will present a new grammar learning lesson with audio mp3s and a quiz. This site will contain a complete online tutorial for beginning to intermediate Spanish, so por favor, and visit again! To receive the lessons each week by email, you can subscribe to our free email learning newsletter.

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Learn to Speak 1: People Identifiers

Worksheet 1: People Words

Quiz 1: People Words

Lessons 2: Spanish Alphabet w/ Audio

Quiz 2: Alphabet

Learn Spanish 3: Question Words w/ Audio

Worksheet 3: Questions Worksheet

Quiz 3: Question Words

Learn to Speak Spanish 4: Intro to Verbs

Worksheet 4: Verbs Worksheet

Quiz 4: Verbs

Spanish 5: Masculine/Feminine Words

Worksheet 5: Masculine & Feminine

Quiz 5: Masculine/Feminine

Spanish Lessons 6: Spanish Plural

Worksheet 6: Plural Worksheet

Quiz 6: Plural

Lessons 7: Pronunciation - first part

Worksheet 7: Pronunciation

Quiz 7: Pronunciation

Learn to Speak Spanish 8: Accent marks

Worksheet 8: Accent Mark Worksheet

Quiz 8: Accents

Lessons 9: the Verb Querer

Worksheet 9: Querer Present Tense

Quiz 9: Querer Present Tense

Speak Spanish 10: Poder

Worksheet 10: the Verb Poder

Quiz 10 : Poder

Lessons 11: Diminutives

Worksheet 11: Spanish Diminutives

Quiz 11 : Diminutive Endings

Speaking Spanish 12: Command Verbs

Worksheet 12: Spanish Commands

Quiz 12: Command Verbs

Speak Lesson 13 : Hay - There Is/There Are

Worksheet 13: Hay

Quiz 13: Hay

Speak Spanish 14: Past Tense Verbs

Worksheet 14: Past Tense

Quiz 14: Past Verbs

Lesson 15 : Usted - you formal

Quiz 15: Usted

Speak Spanish 16: Spanish Numbers

Worksheet 16: Numbers

Quiz 16: Numbers

Lesson 17: Spanish Greetings

Worksheet 17: Greetings & Polite Words

Quiz 17: Greetings & Polite Words

Learn to speak 18: Spanish Colors

Worksheet 18: Colors

Quiz 18: Colors

Speaking 19: Family Words

Worksheet 19: Family

Quiz 19: Family Words

Learn to speak 20: Ser & Estar Verbs

Worksheet 20: Ser & Estar

Quiz 20: Ser & Estar

Speak 21: Technology Vocab

Activity 21: Spanish Tech Words

Quiz 21: Hi Tech Words

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