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Never too Late to Learn...Seniors and Spanish!

While I'm always happy to talk to students and teachers of Spanish, nothing makes me feel quite as good as talking to a senior who is studying Spanish. I've found that seniors take up Spanish for a variety of reasons: some find themselves traveling abroad or living in communities in places like Florida, California, and Arizona where Spanish is spoken all over the place - others take classes in their communities more as a social activity, while others study with their grandchildren or other members of the family who are already studying Spanish for work or school. What I've noticed about the seniors I've spoken with recently is that they all seem to share a high level of enthusiasm for learning the language - as well as a dedication to begin using the language wherever they can. While many of the younger students I speak with are concerned with achieving the highest level of fluency "as fast as possible" - I've noticed that many of the seniors are more concerned with enjoying the process.

While I know you can't generalize, I do think we can all learn a lesson from the wonderful attitude of these grandmas and grandpas who don't think it's too late to begin speaking a new language. I imagine that their enthusiasm probably rubs off quite easily on the younger members of their family - and can create an environment where language learning flourishes with less effort. It's also a great way for people of different generations to spend time together - and can give a retired person a real sense of accomplishment as they find their skills improving each week.

Can any of you think of a senior in your family or community who might enjoy learning Spanish? Don't be shy - call them up and get them to join you for an hour a week of lessons, music, movies, or Spanish food. Don't take no for an answer - I promise you that you won't regret it.

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