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Lesson 10: To be Able to = the verb PODER

From the La Cucaracha Grammar Chapter

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The verb PODER

This is one of the most important verbs in Spanish, learn it well because you will use it all the time! It is a modal verb, or a verb that is often used with other verbs, similar to last week's verb QUERER.

puedo ir = I can go ellos pueden bailar
puedo jugar = I can play
puedo bailar = I can dance

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As you can see below, the "o" in PODER changes to "ue" when you conjugate it. For more information about this and other stem changing verbs, click on the button below.

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yo puedo (PWEH-doh) I can
puedes (PWEH-dehs) you can
él, ella, Ud puede (PWEH-day) can
nosotros podemos (poh-DEH-mohs) we can
ellos, Uds. pueden (PWEH-dehn) they can

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