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Why Learn Spanish through Music?

Did you know that music can help you to remember things faster and easier? This is partly because music functions are controlled in a different section of the brain than speech. Have you ever noticed you can sing the entire alphabet, but can't always remember the order of the letters without singing them? Parents routinely use music to teach children language without even realizing it.

One amazing fact is that some stroke patients who can't talk— can still sing! Believe it or not, some Alzheimer's patients who can't remember their name can remember entire songs! This amazing power of music can help you learn Spanish (to read an article from US News about Alzheimer's patients and music, click here).

spanish music learning is effective and fun


You think music sounds like a fun way to learn Spanish, but you still have doubts about this musical approach. You might be wondering—how can jamming to a few Spanish tunes really teach me or my children Spanish? For an animated intro, click here.



It's actually pretty simple. One of the main reasons many kids and adults alike don't achieve success with foreign languages is that they become BORED. Bored with grammar rules, bored with their teachers, bored with rewinding cassettes, bored with learning that isn't FUN.



So how will you actually learn español by listening to Spanish music? Easy: these songs start the wheels of your brain turning before you even realize it. This learning technique taps into your brain's most natural way to learn a language. You'll be amazed at how much of the lyrics you can understand by listening to the voice or rhythm of the song. Music integrates right and left brain learning to help you internalize grammar patterns, remember vocabulary, and develop more native like pronunciation.



This musical products on this site use the lyrics to the songs to teach you Spanish. You might start out singing a word here or there (bamba, bamba...) while gradually increasing your knowledge of Spanish. The exciting part is that you aren't just memorizing grammar rules, but rather feeding your brain the knowledge as you listen to the songs - and seeing the grammar in USE as you go about learning the basic structure of the Spanish language through the book and software or audio instruction CDs. That is why our teaching method is unique, and why this method WORKS!



The Complete Musical Spanish contains much more than just music and lyrics. It uses this material as a departure point for teaching you the basics of Spanish through straightforward explanations, audio grammar instruction, activities and quizzes, and much more. Viva la Música contains lively songs with a lyrics booklet that identifies grammar patterns and helps the student learn while being truly immersed in the language. Give them a try - you'll be amazed by the results.


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