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Special Deal: Kids Spanish Learning Pack!
award winning package designed for families with kids ages 8 to adult

Speak in a Week Flashcards for Spanish learning

Linguafun Spanish Card Game & CD

Musical Spanish fun book & CD-rom with animations & more

Speak in a Week Flashcards & Audio CD

LinguaFun! CD and Card Game
Musical Spanish Book, Music & CD-rom

retail price $23.99 retail price $19.99
retail price $29.99
  • 45 minute audio CD
  • 236 pages of flashcards
  • color illustrations

Simple, Yet Effective!

8 colorful, illustrated lessons with grammar explanations and detailed glossary gives you all the basic tools for learning Spanish. Bilingual flashcards with pictures that make learning fun. Each lesson builds your ability and ease in Spanish. Helps slightly older children begin speaking and understanding conversations in days! read more

Award-Winning Spanish learning card game & audio CD. Everyone wins when they play these exciting card games that make learning a language easy and fun! For ages 7 and up, this is a wonderful language learning tool for the whole family. Great for trips too! 2 decks of card games like:

  • Gin Rummy
  • Solitaire
  • Concentration

read more

Musical Spanish book, music CD, and CD-rom: teaching through 10 songs like La Bamba & Guantanamera. Given an "Award of Excellence" by the - Fun learning for kids and parents both! To read more, click here. Includes animations, puzzles and quizzes, pronunciation tools & more! To see a slideshow about Musical Spanish, click here.

Retail value = over $70

Buy NOW for $49.99

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