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Algunos Verbos Iregulares - Some Irregular Verbs

While irregular verbs may not follow the normal patterns we find in the present, preterite past , imperfect past, etc. - that doesn't mean there are no patterns at all! In fact once you begin using more and more Spanish verbs, you'll find that even many irregular verbs do follow some patterns like the ones you'll find below. Notice that the verbs below are irregular for every person except "nosotros".

e » ie

pensar (to think)

i » ie

sentir (to feel)

e » i

servir (to serve)

yo pienso siento sirvo
piensas sientes sirves
él, ella, Ud. piensa siente sirve
nosotros pensamos sentimos servimos
ellos, Uds. piensan sienten sirven
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You'll notice that the verbs below are also not irregular in the "nosotros" form. Notice how "dormir" is irregular in 2 of the past forms.


u » ue

jugar (to play)

o » ue

dormir (to sleep)

yo juego jugué duermo dormí
juegas jugaste duermes dormiste
él, ella, Ud. juega jugó duerme durmió
nosotros jugamos jugamos dormimos dormimos
ellos, Uds. juegan jugaron duermen durmieron
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