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These are "unique and entertaining songs…a must for Spanish classes."

— School Library Journal (April 2001 issue)


learning fun with Viva la Musica

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Viva la Música CD & Lyrics Book
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About Viva La Música lyrics booklet & music CD

"I wrote the first ten songs for travelers, and the others I composed with certain vocabulary and grammar points in mind. The songs are practical, melodious and sometimes humorous. The CD comes with a booklet containing the Spanish lyrics and English translations. My CD is appropriate for young children, 1st-3rd year high school students, and for college students during the first year and a half of study." -- author and singer Elise Carr Sumner

1. ¿Cómo Se Llama Usted? — What's Your Name?
2. No Hablo Mucho Español — I Don't Speak Much Spanish
3. ¿Cómo Está Usted? — How Are You?
4. Los Números — Numbers
5. Un Café — A Cup Of Coffee
6. ¿Dónde Esta Ese Lugar? — Where Is That Place?
7. En La Tienda — In The Store
8. Oh, Doctor Y Enfermera — Oh, Doctor And Nurse )
9. Necesito Una Habitación — I Need a Room
10. Quiero Hacer Un Viaje — I Want To Take A Trip
Note: Songs 1-10 use Ud. rather than tú.
11. Hola. ¿Qué Tal? — Hi. How Are You?
12. En La Playa — On The Beach
13. Mi Familia — My Family
14. Estoy Enamorado De Ti — I'm In Love With You
15. ¡Vaya! ¡Vaya! Voy A La Playa — I'm Going To The Beach
16. El Chico De Puerto Rico — The Guy From Puerto Rico
17. ¿Siempre La Misma? — Always The Same?
18. Trata De Ser Optimista — Try To Be Optimistic
19. Nos Gustan Distintas Cosas — We Like Different Things
20. Vengan Ustedes — Come
21. ¡Cuidado, Don Quijote! — Careful, Don Quixote!
22. ¡Qué Alegría! — What Joy!
23. Locos Por Amor — Crazy Because Of Love
24. Cuando Yo Era Niña — When I Was A Child
25. Pobrecito Joselito — Poor Joey
26. Pepito — Pepito
27. No Me Molesten — Don't Bother Me
28. Quisiera Volver a Mi Patria — I Would Like To Return To My Homeland

Fun Audio CD and Lyrics Booklet

  • A Spanish music CD with 28 original songs for all ages
  • A 61-page Spanish lyric booklet with English translations and teacher notes
  • Composed by a veteran high school Spanish teacher and songwriter
  • Songs teach specific grammar and vocabulary
  • For beginning and advanced students
  • A great addition to any Spanish course
"I was delighted to find another great tool for reinforcing and teaching Spanish in our homeschool....This set makes a wonderful introduction to the Spanish language...Even if it were your only resource you could learn a great deal of basic phrases and words in a very enjoyable way...The book has all the words to the songs in both Spanish and English so you may follow along while listening. My kids have let me know that this is their favorite of the Spanish tapes we own, and I appreciate being able to teach some subjects in a way that is fun for all of us."

--Jennifer Pepito, The Old Schoolhouse™ Magazine

Viva la Música Audio CD & Booklet Set $19.99