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"Language teachers have gone nuts for this delightful, educational tool"

Alan Caruba, Bookviews

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What makes Musical Spanish the perfect beginning Spanish book?

Simply put, there is nothing else like it. While millions of people around the world study Spanish, few people really learn it. This product helps bridge that gap by making learning more interesting and natural, and by immersing people in Spanish as they learn. The music is contagious and the grammar is explained in easy terms. Students and teachers of all ages love Musical Spanish! To learn more about the musical teaching method, click here.


La Bamba (hear mp3)
Guantanamera (hear mp3)
Las Mañanitas
Cielito Lindo
La Cucaracha (see animation)
La Adelita
Ay Cosita Linda
Allá en el Rancho Grande
A Media Luz

Fun Book and Music CD/CD-rom

• 10 songs are a catchy pop style
• great for ALL ages: beginning Spanish through intermediate
CD-rom includes animated songs and karaoke
basics of grammar explained in easy terms
lessons based on song lyrics
fantastic tools for pronunciation
interactive games and quizzes
worksheet/activity for each song
teacher's guide to using songs in the classroom
travel phrases section
beginning Spanish can be fun!
click to see a fun puzzle game for beginning students


"This is outrageously great! I have been looking for something like this for years. Great Job! As an educator who works on a university and district level I would advise all teachers to buy this.... I have now planted the song 'La Cucaracha' in the heads of my kids even against their wills. LOL They all walk around the hall.... 'Hola ...Carolina...Hola....' Congrats!"

--Martin Howfield, Spanish professor in NYC

Musical Spanish $29.99

ISBN 0-9706829-0-5

4-color, 6" x 9" 112-page trade paperback book

Enhanced (Mac & PC) CD-rom/Audio CD