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25 CDs Comprehensive Audio Spanish Learning

The Ultimate Audio-based Spanish Language Course!
buy these learning cds now!
All designed to be used without the aid of a textbook!

Learn in your car... or anywhere!

Quite simply, they're the Best of the Best!
Includes: Learn in Your Car and VocabuLearn! & Musical Spanish!
Over 2 million copies of each series sold!

This comprehensive course combines the best of Penton & Musical Spanish foreign language learning materials into one convenient course:
  • Three levels of Learn in Your Car to learn language usage, sentences, grammar.

  • Three levels of VocabuLearn with over 4500 words and phrases to add power to your Spanish.

  • Both series of ImmersionPlusT for comprehension and to develop the rhythm of the Spanish language

  • Musical Spanish Music CD/CD-rom (read more here)
    includes highly acclaimed Musical Spanish software/music CD

All this on 25 CDs! . Includes 7 Listening Guides.

Penton's Spanish w/ Musical Spanish Cd-rom 25 CDs (including 1 CD-rom) & 7 Listening Guides