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Your online departure point for all things related to the Spanish language and culture. Free lessons and lesson plans, great links, and weekly information & advice about the best travel spots, instant downloads, books, software, audio, & games for learning Spanish! Check out our Spanish Blog, an interactive forum for lessons & commentary from readers. We also added an article about raising bilingual children. To join our free weekly newsletter of email learning, click here. We have something for everyone, from kids to grandparents! Check out our article about how long it takes to learn Spanish. Don't miss our article about learning through music (view animation). To tell an amigo about our website, click here.

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Why learn Spanish?

First of all, because learning a foreign language opens you up to a whole new world. Learning a new language is really all about communication. Just think - once you learn Spanish, you'll be able to talk to 320 million more people! Beyond that, you'll also learn new ways of thinking. In an increasingly competitive world, knowing Spanish can give you a great advantage in the job market and in school.